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NEW - Rent and watch Numen online

$4.99 (48 hour rental period)

Private Home Use DVD

In-Home Viewing Only 2013 Edition, 75 minutes

$19.97 Plus Shipping of $4.25 (Domestic US) ($10.50 Canada) ($14.99 International)

For private and family use only. This DVD is not licensed for public, educational or community screenings of any kind. For public screening rights, check our screening packages below.

Public Screening Rights

By purchasing these licenses you agree to:

1) sign up to host a screening on ScreeningHQ; and
2) fill out an evaluation form after the screening that Numen campaign staff will provide.

1. Home Screening DVD

1 DVD with rights to unlimited screenings in your home

$29.97 Plus Shipping of $4.25 (Domestic US) ($10.50 Canada) ($14.99 International)

Permission to screen Numen in your home. Includes DVD, electronic publicity materials and license to screen the film in a home.

NOTE: This license is for HOME SCREENINGS ONLY – if you plan to host a screening in a public space or use it for your ongoing teaching, please purchase the correct license below.

2. Non-profit, Community License

1 DVD with rights to unlimited public screenings, for non-profits, teaching, K-12 schools, public libraries and other community screenings.

$59.97 Plus Shipping of $4.25 (Domestic US) ($10.50 Canada) ($14.99 International)

Numen offers an excellent introduction for courses on herbal and natural medicine and we realize that herbalists who purchase the film may want to use it more than once for different classes. We’ve designed this license to allow you to use the DVD in your courses without having to pay for the more expensive screening package.

NOTE: For use in colleges & universities, please see the other educational license below.

3. Pay-for-Itself Activist Screening Package:

1 DVD with unlimited public screening rights for grassroots and community groups and 4 DVDs for home use only.

$99.97 Plus Shipping of $4.25 (Domestic US) ($10.50 Canada) ($14.99 International)

This package comes with 1 DVD that includes one-time public screening rights and 4 home/non-professional use DVDs to sell at your event to help recoup the costs.

Educational DVD for Colleges, Universities and Gov’t.

$249 Free Shipping ($0 Domestic US) ($10.50 Canada) ($14.99 International)

Library Edition Options