Numen Resource Guide


photo by Larken Bunce


There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Internet and in books exploring different aspects of issues raised in Numen.

Our goal in creating this resource guide is to make it easy for viewers to act now—while the film is still fresh in your mind—not recreate the wheel! We hope the guide will get you started, raise questions, and inspire you to seek out the herbalists and teachers in your communities.

The most important take-home message from Numen is, as Bill Mitchell and Rosemary Gladstar and so many others in the film say, to step outside, spend time in your garden, in the woods, in the meadow outside of town. Be grateful and open your heart to the mystery that is around us all, each moment.

The information in this guide has been generously contributed by community herbalists Dana Woodruff of Dandelioness Herbals, Sandra Lory of Mandala Botanicals, and Larken Bunce of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

Spiral Lily

photo by Larken Bunce