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photo by Larken Bunce

Making Your Own Medicine

By Dana L Woodruff, community herbalist, health educator, and medicine maker. Dandelioness Herbals, Montpelier, VT. © 2010

In this fast-paced culture of quick fixes, herbal remedies are being marketed in highly concentrated, standardized pills and liquids, as replacements for pharmaceuticals.

Making your own herbal remedies from the whole plant is simple, and for the same price as a store-bought preparation, you could make enough for you and many more.

Also, by preparing herbal remedies for yourself and your circle of friends or family, you are continuing a long history stretching back through your ancestry, since all cultures have long traditions of using herbs for food and medicine. You are taking your health and healing into your own hands and encouraging self- and community-sufficiency, which is incredibly empowering.

Also, when you make remedies by hand, you are infusing them with your love and intention, which will make good, strong medicine.

Hands & Plants

photo by Larken Bunce